Just look at this shine!

Now I would love to say that it took a whole day of my sweat and elbow grease to get HER Tiida to shine like that, but I would be lying.  The truth is that the car has just come back from her yearly treatment, compliments of Amazing Glaze and the pts106 product.

Now before you think that I am being paid by them or I am affiliated to them, let me assure you – I am not.  I am just truly amazed with their product hence the write up.

On my previous car, the white Opel Astra 200IE Euro, the paint was starting to fade and dull in certain places,  also one could see those swirling marks on the paintwork (even after washing the car)

Example of Paint Swirls

A friend of mine recommended that we have the car “glazed” to help bring the colour back and protect it from further fading. So a trip to the folks at Amazing Glaze and lets just say I was sold  (and it helped increase the trade in value of the car 🙂 ).

When we got HIS Tiida we had him glazed in the first week.  When we got HER Tiida she was glazed the next day.

OK so what is this  Amazing Glaze or pts106?

If you go to their website , currently there is just a welcome page with their contact numbers.  If you use the Web Archive you will find a page with more information on it, but dated back to 2008…

To quote another website:

The Amazing Glaze Paint protection system was initially developed by NASA in the eighties as a measure to reduce wind resistance on the painted surfaces on their shuttle fleet.


PTS 106 is a polyurethane resin, penetrates the pores of the paint and bonds with paint structure.
PTS 106 is applied in two stages: the first stage cleans out pores of paint and the second acts as a catalyst for second stage, the second stage bonds quickly with paint structure assisted by the catalyst already present.
PTS 106 strengthens the paint structure by about 35%.
PTS 106 does not peel, fade, chip etc. it is not a clear layer applied over the paint work.
PTS 106 is safe to use on all colors and paint types.


PTS 106 protects against the damaging effects of: bird droppings, salt spray tree sap, industrial fall-out and UV rays
PTS 106 maintains the vehicles appearance thereby retaining its resale value.
PTS 106 seals the painted surfaces making the vehicle easy to keep clean.”

OK so tell me more?

Well the glazing costs R550,00 (as at January 2011). For this they give the car an “executive” wash and glaze. It takes about 3-4 hours. You drive out with a sparkling glazed car, a warranty card that states if the pts106 fades or dulls in 1 year you bring the car back and they redo it for you, as well as a complimentary sponge, masterguard leather and car wash that is good for about 5 washes.

They also let you have a complimentary wash (to ensure that the pts106 has fully bonded to the paint) about a week later.

If you want your car valeted then add an extra R100,00 to the price and an hour extra time.

In closing if you have a car that you want to ensure it’s paint looks great you need to have it glazed. It protects the paint and water runs off of it like water off a ducks back!  I can highly recommend it!  In fact HIS Tiida is scheduled for this Friday!