Frequently Asked Questions 

on Laser/Radar Detectors

Through the years there have been thousands of questions about Speed Enforcement technologies used in South Africa . The most commonly asked questions have been selected in an attempt to give you a better understanding of the subject. The information contained below is provided purely for information purposes and I will not be held liable for the accuracy of the information contained below.

PLEASE NOTE: I do not condone reckless driving habits or speeding and will not accept any responsibility for your driving. Please obey all traffic laws and drive safely and remember: inappropriate speed costs lives.

Q1 What type of Speed Measuring Equipment (SME) are authorised for use in South Africa.?


Radar Equipment -Radar Speed guns


Laser Speed Equipment- Laser Speed Guns eg Prolaser 2 /3 Ultralyte 20-20


Distance over time measuring Equipment (fixed distance over variable time) These would also include camera supported
units eg Truvelo Combi


Distance over time measuring Equipment.(variable distance/variable time) eg Vascar
Q2 Are radar detectors legal?
Radar detectors have been declared legal for use in countries like the UK and the US with the exception of two states. In South Africa some legal sources say using a laser detector is illegal (it might defeat the ends of justice) but owning one and selling is not and there is no recorded instance of a motorist being successfully prosecuted for using such a device. New Zealand allows the use of them, as police involved in traffic work believe that radar & laser detectors slow drivers down. We are marketing radar and laser detectors as we believe that radar/laser detectors are a necessity to reduce the risk of a speeding ticket with today's ever stricter speed-policing. These Radar/Laser Detector units allow drivers to concentrate more on driving safely instead of constantly watching the speedometer.
Q3 Why use a radar detectors?
Independent Research has shown that Radar Detector users have 24% fewer accidents and drive a further 40942 miles between accidents, through increased awareness (research undertaken by MORI in the UK).
Q4 How can radar/laser detectors assist you?
Radar/Laser detectors can assist you in detecting the presence of Laser and Radar (signals)
Q5 I just passed a police car and my radar detector didn't go off?
Not all police cars have radar or laser guns.
Q6 How many laser guns are in use in South Africa?
There are approximately 300 laser guns in use.
Q7 What is the most common range an officer uses a radar or laser gun?
Officers, by law, must establish a "visual tracking history" of your car. This means they must be able to identify the make and model of the vehicle before assessing speed with a radar or laser gun. According to guidelines with Radar your speed has to be recorded within a range of 600m and with Laser within 400m.
Q8 Sometimes my radar detector gives a long range warning to radar guns; sometimes it doesn't. Why?
Different radar guns transmit at different output powers usually from 5-50 mW. If you are standing 30 metres away from a friend and they whisper, you can't hear them. If they shout, you can. In other words, your friend is transmitting at two different output powers. Radar range is adversely effected by humidity, elevation, particulate matter in the air, rain, and snow.
Q9 Will my radar detector see VASCAR?
VASCAR stands for Visual Average Speed Computer And Recorder and is a timing device that times your vehicle from one predetermined point to another. It is like a stop watch and puts out no signal. No radar detector can warn you of VASCAR.
Q10 Will my radar detector protect me from a photo camera ticket?
Photo camera tickets also known as Truvelo Combi in South Africa is an automated system with a camera linked to a cable on the road or below the surface of the tarmac. These are very common in South Africa. These do not make use of Laser nor radar and cannot be detected with a laser/radar detector.
Q11 I've heard putting tin foil on your hubcaps keeps a radar gun from getting a speed reading. Is this correct?
Drivers have tried everything to foil radar gun from fish depth finders, to neon lights, to tin foil on hubcaps. None of these home remedies work.
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