It takes nine months to grow a baby - that's a long time to wait for something really exciting to happen!

Here are some interesting facts about my first 9 months.


Mommy and Daddy first found out I was coming on: 22 May 2005
Mommy told Daddy about me at: The Dros by the Paddocks in Milnerton, Cape Town
This is what Mommy looked like when she told Daddy
This is what Daddy looked like when he heard
My first scan was taken on 03 June 2005
They first heard my heart beat on 20 July 2005
Mommy first felt me kicking on 18 September 2005
Mommy's strange food cravings
Solero Orange Ice Cream
Water Mellon
Banana Milk Shake
Fish Cakes
Things I did inside Mommy's tummy
I had hiccups
I played soccer with Mommy's bladder
I punched and kicked very hard
The Doctor said I would arrive on 26 January 2006
I was actually born on 16 January 2006